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Governor's Project

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Rebuilding Heroes

Each year the Governor picks a Governor’s Project for clubs to support throughout the year. This year, Governor Madison’s Project is Rebuilding Heroes. The Rebuilding Portion of Madison’s Governor’s Project is aimed at helping rebuild membership and member engagement within the District. The Heroes Portion focuses on helping each club perform service projects that support their community's heroes. There are 8 different categories of heroes that clubs are encouraged to support and hold service projects for.


Clubs that complete a service project in at least 4 of the categories and apply for the Governor’s Project award will receive recognition at District Convention 2024.

Categories of Heroes:

  • Working with Kiwanians

  • Working with local nonprofits

  • Supporting first responders

  • Supporting teachers and schools

  • Supporting healthcare workers

  • Supporting state employees

  • Supporting the military/veterans

  • Supporting adults with disabilities and/or their caretakers

If you have any questions, please contact Governor Madison at

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