District Board
of Officers

Executive Committee

[exec] Anthony Perez District Governor 2022-2023.jpeg

Anthony Perez

District Governor governor@floridacirclek.org

[exec] Madison Burt_ District Secretary 2022-2023.jpg

Madison Burt

District Secretary secretary@floridacirclek.org

[exec] Amber Morgan_ District Treasurer 2022-2023.jpg

Amber Morgan

District Treasurer treasurer@floridacirclek.org

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Lieutenant Governors

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[ltg] Angelina Granda_ Everglades LTG 2022-2023.jpg

Angelina Granda


Alyssa Durrett


Maria Estevez


Jenny Tran

Committee Chairs

[chair] Olivia Packham_ Conventions Chair 2022-2023.jpg

Olivia Packham

[chair] Elli O_Shay_ Kiwanis Family Relations Chair 2022-2023.jpg

Elli O'Shay

Kiwanis Family Relations Chair kfamily@floridacirclek.org

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website portraits (6).png


Membership Education and Development Chair education@floridacirclek.org

[chair] Archana Thekkepat_ Public Relations Chair 2022-2023.jpg

Archana Thekkepat

Public Relations Chair publicrelations@floridacirclek.org

[chair] Nicholas Herrera_ Awards Chair 2022-2023.jpg

Nicholas Herrera

[chair] Meera Nair_ Service Chair 2022-2023.jpg

Meera Nair

[chair] Nicole Wang_ Webmaster 2022-2023.jpg

Nicole Wang

Kiwanis CKI Committee

Thomas Freiwald_ District Administrator.jpg

Tom Freiwald

website portraits (11).png

Floyd Adams

Citrus Administrator


Conventions Administrator


Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 7.17.17 PM-modified.png

Aaron Johnson

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 7.17.27 PM-modified.png

Aaron Forde

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 7.15.26 PM-modified copy.png

Travis Bennett