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Florida District

About Us

Learn more about the history of Circle K International here!


Do you want to know how to contact other clubs? Contacting their divisional lieutenant governor (LTG) is a great start. We have also collected social media platforms and websites for many of the clubs of the Florida District., which can be located here.

District Board

If you need to contact someone on the district board with questions related to their position, this page lists contact information for every board member. We look forward to communicating with you.


This page explains different types of dues that are collected from clubs. It also helps explains what dues are used for. We hope this page helps out Club Treasurers understand this important process.

Meeting Minutes

This page links to a Google Drive folder with meeting minutes taken for each and every district board meeting. If you ever want to know what topics the district board has discussed or voted on, be sure to check out the descriptive meeting minutes.

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